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Feel like you’re missing out?
25Jan, 2018 0 comments

Feel like you're missing out?

It's that time of year where most avid cyclists are booking their training camps to scenic European countries, yet with a tough terrain. It's a novelty to do; feel like a pro, train like a pro - be a pro for a short period of time! But what about if ...

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11Jan, 2018 0 comments

Stay at altitude…whilst in your own bedroom!

It is well known that many athletes travel to the mountains for training camps over a number of weeks per year. The purpose of this is to increase the production and amount of red blood cells (i.e., erythropoietin) they have so that they are then abl ...

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04Jan, 2018 0 comments
Making classes more fun for you!

Hypoxic Training in Team Sports: Improve running performance to win more?

In team sports, the ability to run faster than your opponent is naturally a goal for managers, coaches and players alike. From getting to the ball first, or chasing down your opponent before they reach your goal - running performance is vital in scor ...

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