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Mountaineering Consultations: Testing your susceptibility to AMS (Altitude Sickness)
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Mountaineering Consultations: Testing your susceptibility to AMS (Altitude Sickness)

Mountaineering Consultation

Taking on high altitude for the first time can be a daunting task, particularly when you read about all of the stories online.

When it comes to altitude, every individual is different. Some people will cope better than others. What you need to remember, is that everyone can cope with altitude you may just need a little longer to acclimatise, or some more pre-acclimatisation. Altitude should never put you off of something you have always dreamed about achieving!

Everyone can cope with altitude!

Our Mountaineering Consultations will test your susceptibility to Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS or Altitude sickness), and your sensitivity to a low oxygen environment. We’ll also take you through a few routine health checks, relevant to altitude, and guide you through the do’s and do not’s of trekking up to 6,500m. Education is vital when it comes to altitude, and you will want to know how to prepare, how to manage, and how to cope with altitude while on the trip – all of which is covered in the consultation.

From the results, we will be able to compare your scores to those that did, and did not suffer from altitude sickness at varying altitudes, and suggest a training programme to help you improve results. This process will improve your tolerance to altitude by kick-starting the acclimatisation process ahead of your trip so you can hit the ground running (not literally as it’s all about “Pole Pole”!!) when you get there.

It’s all about slow and steady at altitude, or “Pole Pole” as they say on Kilimanjaro!

If you’re heading to the mountains, whether that is to climb Kilimanjaro, ski on the glaciers, or just heading somewhere with some dizzying heights – you can book online here with one of our Performance Specialists who all have their own experiences of altitude!

If you’re not sure whether this is right for you, then just give us a call (020 7193 1626), and one of the team will be more than happy to help you!