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Kickstart your health & wellness training this Winter
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Kickstart your health & wellness training this Winter

Health & Wellbeing Consultation

During winter time it’s easy to neglect your health and wellbeing. Many of us are looking ahead to Christmas (I know, it’s only October!) and putting plans in place for family get togethers and work parties, but it’s important to take care of your own health and wellbeing all year round!

During our Health & Wellbeing Consultation we will conduct a number of health checks. This includes a Body Composition analysis, physiological testing for assessment of physical condition, and analysis of your nutritional tendencies. Your nutrition will be taken care of by our Registered Dietitian Robbie, coupled with our Health and Wellbeing Researcher Liam Hobbins holding up the physiological side of the bargain.

The consultation will allow you to assess your current tendencies and health status, as well as discussing and implementing a plan to take this to the next level, whilst continuously monitoring progress as you go.

How can altitude training help?

There are a huge range of benefits to be had through training at simulated altitude. Training at simulated altitude enables you to train at a lower intensity, while gaining the same benefits (or better!). Due to the reduced oxygen, your cardiovascular system has to work much harder to maintain a given intensity at sea level, meaning that you can do less, but benefit more when at altitude!

There is also an increased calorific burn after training at altitude, which is maintained for ~24hrs after training! Meaning that your metabolic system continues to work harder even after training.

Many clients have also reported reduced blood pressure, improved insulin and glucose levels, and generally feeling more energised after training at altitude, meaning they are ready to take on the day – whatever their goals!