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6-Week Altitude Training Camp – Cycling
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6-Week Altitude Training Camp – Cycling

Have you got your sights set on Haute Route this year? Perhaps Ride London? or maybe just looking to go that extra mile, or put out that extra bit of power over your friends and teammates on a long Sunday ride?

Let us help.

You will train like a pro at 2700m of simulated altitude, to take your performance to the next level.

Initial Assessment

As part of your 6-week altitude training camp, you will undergo a comprehensive pre- and post-training Power Profile at altitude, to draw baseline measurements and track your progress.

During your Power Profile, you identify your strengths and weaknesses in different areas key to cycling performance, whether you are a road cyclist, track sprinter or triathlete.

This includes:
– 6 second sprints to test your maximum power output
– 3 minute max power to test both your anaerobic and aerobic systems simultaneously
– 20 minute functional threshold power (FTP) to test your aerobic fitness and endurance
– 30 second Wingate sprints to test your Fatigued Performance (F.P.)

Your initial consultation will help identify the areas that we can then help you improve through individualised, tailored training programmes, and enable you to track your progress over time.


Performance Training for Cyclists

Altitude training is widely used within professional cycling to improve performance, and make marginal gains. The potential performance gains for the average cyclist however, are much greater.

During your 6-week programme you will complete 15 x cycling sessions at a simulated altitude of 2700m above sea level, following a progressive programme with two programmed sessions per week, and three additional sessions to make use of during the 6-week programme to increase your time in the chamber and those performance gains.


The additional sessions can be tailored to your needs, whether you are in need of a recovery ride, or feeling strong and fancy pushing another tough session in the week, we can cater to your needs.

You will also complete 5 x IHE sessions on our high altitude POD, which simulates altitudes of up to 6400m above sea level! The IHE protocol is completely passive and is used by athletes during recovery days when you want to take the load off your muscles, and tapering periods when you want to be reducing the frequency and intensity of your sessions.


With the POD, you’ll be able to rest your muscles whilst working on your ability to take up oxygen from the air that you breathe, making you a more oxygen efficient cyclist, without even being on the bike!

The Benefits

What sort of benefits can you expect?

Check out our recent Case Study results show how our cycling group improved in all aspects of measurement. A huge 9% improvement in FTP in just 6-weeks is something that is not to be overlooked!

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The case study results show exactly what we have been preaching, and the research is also supporting. Altitude training gets results.

Book in your initial Power Profile Consultation here and get yourself started!