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Through leading technology The Altitude Centre is able to simulate altitude.

Our hypoxic machine filters oxygen out of the air which is then delivered to you either through a face mask or within an altitude (hypoxic) chamber. Hypoxic training kick starts the pre-acclimatisation process if you are off to high altitude, preparing your body to the conditions you will encounter. If you are training for sport, it will enhance the oxygen transport and utilisation system and enable you to clear waste products from physical exercise, such as lactate, more efficiently.

Specific benefits:

Hypoxic training is also an important part of rehabilitation. Training in hypoxia enables you to unload the muscle groups whilst maintaining a high cardiovascular and respiratory load, thus maintaining fitness whilst injured.  This unique training also increases the production of human grown hormone that helps the body to recover. Research in the area of bone healing is particularly interesting, and it has been shown that hypoxia can increase mineral density to make bones stronger and speed recovery.

Training at altitude is like giving the body a tune up. You feel better, you have more energy, can run faster and further and there is less wear and tear on your internal engine. You achieve more, by doing less.

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