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The Altitude Centre is respected as the number one altitude training company in the UK.

Gyms, spa's, health resorts and Rehabilitation centres install our products and utilize our services to extend their premium product offering. Altitude training provides a unique selling point that is backed by solid research. We offer the highest-quality patented equipment and training that includes our REPS Level 2 training course qualification in conjunction with London Southbank University to ensure our partners deliver the same standard of service.

We are interested to hear from complementary businesses who would like to extend their rehabilitative care to include altitude training.

Altitude equipment and chambers for partners:

The simulated altitude training can be accessible to a wider audience than just the elite, The Altitude Centre is actively looking to form partnerships with other health and fitness organisations to take altitude training to a wider audience. Aside from it’s proven ability to help elite athletes its wider health and wellbeing benefits are vast. This could be the simple starting point of trialling mobile equipment through to the creation of an altitude chamber.

REPS Level 2 training:

Part of our proven track record to help commercial partners is to offer REPS Level 2 training, to ensure your team have the skills to understand the equipment and how to get the best out of altitude training.