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Altitude for rent

Rent a machine from The Altitude Centre and you can experience the benefits of altitude training up to 6,500m from the comfort of your own home.

Options available are either IHE (intermittent hypoxic exposure) , exercise or sleep formats. Full training and advice is provided. You can also cobine the 3 different training formats below from the one machine.

IHE is best for those wanting to pre-acclimatise for trips to Kili or Everest Base Camp or similar.


Exercise is suitable for those training for a sporting event that have exercise equipment at home. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with sessions of IHE or sleeping in an altitude tent.


Sleep is best for those going to high altitude such as Aconcagua or above or needing an increase in endurance and fitness for a sporting event. It is the crème de la crème of altitude training and is also suitable for rehabilitation purposes.


We can advise on the best style of altitude training for your needs. Each machine comes with full instructions and a training manual.

The Altitude Centre's equipment is covered by patent EP 0959862