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Short-term intermittent hypoxia reduces the severity of acute mountain sickness
10Aug, 2017 0 comments
Making classes more fun for you!

Repeated sprints – worth the pain or not long enough for performance gains?

Some say repeated sprints are the devil’s work. During the HypoxicHIIT classes in the chamber, particularly the cycle-specific, or even your own training, you may have come across these. They typically last for 5–10 s with around 20–50 s recove ...

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25Jul, 2017 0 comments
Simon Neville

Simon Neville vs. La Marmotte - Client of The Month

The Client

Name - Simon Neville
Age - 45
Sport - Cycling
Experience - 7 years
Threshold Power - 3.11 w/kg

The Challenge

Name - The Marmotte
Distance - 174.4km
Total climbing - 5,180m
Highest mountain - Col de Galibier (2,642)m
Dr ...

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25Jul, 2017 0 comments
Squad with EPF Banner

Guinness World Record: The Highest Football Match Ever Played

Kilimanjaro can be a pretty daunting task. Trekking 5,895m above sea level to reach the 'Roof of Africa'. Battling the weather, the mountain and the altitude all the way.

A 90-minute game of football can be very demanding. Jumping for to win a hea ...

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24Jul, 2017 0 comments
Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 15.37.32

Aim High, Train High, Achieve and Succeed High

Success should always be celebrated. And boy are you guys making it hard work for us to celebrate everyone's achievements!

Over the last few months we have been inundated with photos of successful summits, race completions, personal bests and much ...

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20Jul, 2017 0 comments

Strength is required to summit

As well as a good fitness base and general health, strength is an important factor that contributes to achieving a goal such as summiting a mountain. When the incline really cranks up, having a strong core and leg muscles will provide the necessary p ...

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05Jul, 2017 0 comments

Level Up: Class Timetable Changes for July 2017

Timetable Changes for July 2017 onwards

Thank you for completing the recent survey we sent out. We have made a few changes to our class timetable which reflects the feedback we received from you, our loyal members!

The new timetable will take e ...

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29Jun, 2017 0 comments

Innovative new way to measure training responses – in the muscle!

At the Altitude Centre, we are always keen on using the latest developments in technology. When a technology involves monitoring of muscle oxygenation levels, known as Moxy, we immediately saw the potential of this device as to how and why it may ben ...

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22Jun, 2017 0 comments
Fraser Corsan 1

World Speed Record broken by The Altitude Centre client, Fraser Corsan!

Ever wondered what it's like standing on top of Everest? Not many have. How about flying in a plane over a kilometre above the summit of Everest, and jumping out? Not something very many of us would have envisaged!

Well that is exactly what Fraser ...

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08Jun, 2017 0 comments
Making classes more fun for you!

Burn fat for longer after altitude training

Burning fat is an important process required for training adaptations. Whether it be for becoming and/or staying lean, feeling healthy or training specific energy systems, most people are interested to know how to do it. It would be extremely benefic ...

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18May, 2017 0 comments

An updated guide on altitude training for exercise performance

Altitude training methods are developed by a double-edge sword approach; evidence (i.e., lab findings) informs practice (i.e., in the field) and practice informs evidence. But if both sword edges are rapidly evolving, how do we, as firm users and bel ...

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