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6-Week Altitude Training Camp – Running
27Feb, 2019 0 comments

6-Week Altitude Training Camp - Running

Have you got your sights set on breaking those PBs this year? Whether you are looking for 5km, marathon, or ultra marathon PBs - altitude training can help take you to the next level.

Initial Assessment

As part of your 6-week altitude training ...

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27Feb, 2019 0 comments

6-week Altitude Training Camp - Health & Wellbeing

Everyone has different goals. Some are performance based, some just involve leading a healthier lifestyle, and feeling better in themselves.

Our 6-week altitude training camp can help you get to your "Everest", whatever that may be.

Initial Ass ...

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27Feb, 2019 0 comments

6-Week Altitude Training Camp - Cycling

Have you got your sights set on Haute Route this year? Perhaps Ride London? or maybe just looking to go that extra mile, or put out that extra bit of power over your friends and teammates on a long Sunday ride?

Let us help.

You will train like ...

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22Feb, 2019 0 comments

6-Week Altitude Training Camp - Mountaineering

So you have booked your first trip to altitude. You are off to Kilimanjaro, or Everest Base Camp, or you're heading for Peru and Chile and your worried that you might suffer from altitude sickness when you get there.

What do you do?

You tra ...

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Charity Spoon - The Everest Rugby Challenge


Every year we see some pretty incredible challengers head off to complete ultra marathons, climb mountains, cycle the length of the Americas, swim lakes and oceans, and do some all round awesome things, as well as a few Guin ...

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21Feb, 2019 0 comments

Nutrition for marathon running - Do I really need to eat that much?

Marathon & endurance sport nutrition

The New Year is well underway and for many of us, that means endurance events such as marathons, Ride London and various triathlons are fast approaching. Training will be ramping up along with the increased dem ...

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21Feb, 2019 0 comments

Summer bodies are made in the winter!

You may not have a marathon, cycling event or skiing trip to prepare for – but you’re more than likely going to want to look great this summer! Whether it be for pool/beach-side snaps, or for just the general “feel good” factor, looking and f ...

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14Feb, 2019 0 comments

IHE is for health, not just acclimatisation!

When you’re in the chamber and see someone sitting on the POD completing an intermittent hypoxic exposure (IHE) session, it’s a natural thought that they are likely preparing for a mountain summit. We have helped hundreds of clients acclimatise t ...

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