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We are very proud to have established such an esteemed client base from the world of sport and mountaineering.

We have worked with both teams and individuals in acclimatisation, performance and rehabilitation. Some of our client include world champion triathlete Alistair Brownlee, Elite Iron Man Dion Harrison, SuperLeague Formula race driver Chris Van de Drift, Heavyweight Boxer Audley Harrison and Marathon Runner Helen Decker.

Our Clients:


  • "For me things are simply….results matter and results in my field of work means summits. There is no doubt that the Altitude Centre can give you a critical head start in the acclimatisation game for expeditions. Having seen the system work this last expedition to Manaslu (world's 8th highest mountain) I now see the benefits of training with a hypoxic generator. The advantages for High Altitude Climbing is obvious, I will be using the system before leaving for any expedition in future. Put simply….IT WORKS. People don't go to sea level to 5000m in 3 days but with an Altitude Centre hypoxic generator that's exactly what we saw on our Manaslu expedition this year. The physics behind it are a mystery to me but the results are obvious. The chance of Summit success can be improved on certain mountains by using the Altitude Centre. I recommend it to anyone thinking of climbing a high altitude mountain." Kenton Cool, British Mountaineer  
  • I think using the hypoxic machine was one of the key factors of getting me back into my race car just 84 days after my accident on the 1st of August. I know many people didn't expect to see me in a car again this year but I have proved them wrong not only was I driving but my fitness level was at the same as it was just before the accident, being able to use the machine in the early stages helped to reduce the loss of fitness I would of had from being stuck on the couch. Then as my injures healed I used the hypoxic machine on my simulator and indoor bike at home which kept me sharp and ready to go." Chris Van de Drift, Superleague Formula Driver  
  • "The Altitude Centre has been incredibly supportive in my preparation for both the European Cup Marathon in Barcelona and the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. The ability to simulate altitude has enabled me to maximise my preparations in a home environment. The benefits are being shown with a Team Bronze at the European Cup and hopefully a good placing at the Commonwealths in October 2010." Holly Rush, Marathon Commonwealth athlete
  • The Auto Trader team, following their successful challenge of developing the new cars section on AutoTrader.co.uk, were faced with the daunting prospect of scaling the world’s tallest free standing mountain Mt. Kilimanjaro. The Auto Trader team had a Hypoxic machine installed into one of their meeting rooms by us and this is what Liam Power of Auto Trader had to say. “As we had such a large group of employee’s travelling to Kilimanjaro to attempt to reach the summit, we decided to contact the Altitude Centre to discuss how Hypoxic training could help increase our chances of all making the summit. The guys at the altitude centre were fantastic in meeting all our requirements, and help install one of their Hypoxic machines into our work place to help us train. The team used the machine for 6 weeks prior to travelling and the results were fantastic!! At the start of the trek our guide explained the average chance of success on the mountain was less than 50%, and so with such a large group size the odds were against us. However with the altitude training we did prior to starting the trek all 15 of our employee’s made it to the summit without any problems at all! Our guide was well and truly amazed. I would recommend The Altitude Centre to anyone and we will definitely be using them again." Liam Power, Business Analyst & Charity Representative at Auto Trader  
  • "My fifteen year old Daughter and I were both nervous about climbing to the rooftop of Africa, but with our Hypoxic training carried out using Altitude Centre's machine we both made the summit and experienced one of the best times of our lives, thanks guys for everything." Jeff Smith, summited Mt Kilimanjaro