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The Team

The Team

    • Director Richard Pullan

      Founded The Altitude Centre in 2003 after he completed an unaided crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in a plywood rowing boat. Richard used simulated altitude training as part of his preparation for the 60 day crossing. A strong background in rowing and cycling some of Richard's adventures include cycled non stop across the North Island of New Zealand (650km's in 24 hours) and has kayaked from Devizes to Westminster in the UK (125miles in 22 hours) and summited some of the World's highest mountains that include Kilimanjaro (3 times), Aconcagua and Elbrus. Richard believes passionately in the benefits of altitude training and has used the training for all his challenges. Greatest/Proudest Sporting Achievement: Rowing the Atlantic Challenging adventures at altitude: Summitting Elbrus (5600m) and getting back down the mountain in under 24 hours Favourite meal upon returning from altitude: Spaghetti Bolognese
    • Sam

      Sam Rees

      After spending a year with The Altitude Centre as part of his BSc Sport & Exercise Science degree, Sam returned to the Trump Street (London) Centre as a full-time Centre Manager in July 2016. Sam’s sporting background is in team sports, playing football at an academy level throughout school, while also playing cricket, rugby and athletics to a County level. His passion for science and sport took him to the University of Bath, where he graduated in June 2016. The Altitude Centre is very pleased to have Sam back with us full-time, and greatly supports internship/ placement schemes that are rewarding for both the company and the individual. Sam is looking forward to reaping the fitness benefits of altitude training once again, and this year running his first marathon! Greatest/Proudest Sporting Achievement: Winning the 2015/16 British Universities football cup final (at the third attempt!)  Challenging adventures at altitude: Summiting Kilimanjaro with no previous altitude experience, or learning how to ski at 3,000m without any lessons! Favourite meal upon returning from altitude: A massive bowl of chilli con carne.
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      Liam Hobbins

      After playing football at county- and academy- level throughout his teen years, Liam switched his main focus to health, fitness and education following obtainment of a Level 2 REPS Fitness Instructor award and a first class BSc (Hons) Sports and Exercise Science degree from London South Bank University (LSBU). Liam joined us in October 2016, as our full-time researcher, starting a PhD to investigate the effects of altitude training on health and weight loss in the general population. In conjunction with The Altitude Centre’s academic partners, LSBU, the aim of the study is to establish the optimal duration, intensity and exposure for health benefits of members of the general population. A keen road cyclist, Liam hopes to enter more sportive events, and try his hand at racing in the future with the help of some altitude training. Greatest/Proudest Sporting Achievement: Riding throughout the night from London to Brighton to raise money for the British Heart Foundation (without any punctures!). Challenging adventures at altitude: Unintentionally hiking to the midpoint of Hasan Dag, Turkey (1500m) whilst on holiday. Favourite meal upon returning from altitude: Nandos!
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      Nina Chatuchinda

      Nina’s sporting background started early, enjoying individual sports before eventually progressing to team based sports as she got older. Trying a variety of sports along the way, (ranging from gymnastics to muay thai), Nina found her heart became set on volleyball. Having got into Loughborough University, Nina dabbled in several other sports such as MMA and touch rugby before eventually settling back into Volleyball and going on to win the BUCS volleyball finals in her first year – some achievement! Nina is looking forward to seeing how altitude training can help push her performance even further! Greatest/Proudest Sporting Achievement: Winning the Volleyball BUCS National Championships as a first year! Challenging adventures at altitude: Hiking up and snowboarding down Les Deux Alpes (3700m) Favourite meal upon returning from altitude: Spicy Thai Basil Chicken with a fried egg on top (can you tell I’m Thai?!)
    • IMG_1472

      Chris Jackson

      Chris’ sporting pedigree started early, enjoying team sports from a young age, until he found cycling. A complete change from team sports, to a more individual sport in which he found he could really push his limits, but through racing still had the team mentality, and the tactical side, which he enjoyed so much. Having raced for 5 years from the age of 14, he made his way up the ranks, and was competing in the National Series by the age of 18. Within the 5 years of racing, he turned his hand(lebars) to a variety of disciplines, from Cyclo-cross (too dirty) to Criteriums (too fast), until really finding his passion lies out on the road. This year he is looking to get back in the saddle a lot more, as well as running his first marathon, with the addition of altitude to his training! Greatest/Proudest Sporting Achievement: Winning the Green Jersey in the International Junior Tour of Ireland, and becoming a first cat as a junior. Challenging adventures at altitude: Snowshoeing in the Rockies. Favourite meal upon returning from altitude: Lasagne (or any form of pasta to be honest!)
    • IMG_1518

      Robbie Green

      A sports fanatic since his early years, the agenda was initially football, tennis and more football. Robbie is now a keen distance runner and compliments this with regular gym-based strength & conditioning training and hot yoga. Robbie works with us as a specialised sports nutritionist alongside his full-time job as a registered dietitian in the NHS. Having initially started out as a chef from school, his love of food, cooking and a passion to learn more about how nutrition can benefit both health & sporting performance led him to his current career in nutrition. Robbie gained a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees in the fields of nutrition, dietetics & sports nutrition. As a sports nutritionist Robbie sees a range of clients from various sporting backgrounds and levels. Clients include amateur footballers & boxers, to team GB triathletes competing at the European Championships, but also health and weight loss clients as well. Robbie is looking forward to implementing altitude training to his own schedule and working alongside clients at the Altitude Centre to help them better their own performance and lifestyle. Greatest/Proudest Sporting Achievement: 3hr 33 in the 30°C heat of Lisbon. Challenging adventures at altitude:Running at altitude in the Colorado Rocky’s Favourite meal upon returning from altitude: Chicken Fajitas
    • Max Curle

      A sport lover since childhood Max tried all sports as a kid, including football, tennis and cricket, but it was basketball that he eventually focused on. Max went on to play National League Basketball for some of the most recognisable teams in the country, before taking up triathlon in the last 6 years. During this time, Max has competed in everything from Sprint Distance to Ironman, as well as swim, cycle races, time trials and marathons. Max partnered with us in December 2016 as The Altitude Centre’s Endurance Coach. With a degree in Sports Science, over 12 years working as a Strength & Conditioning coach, and more recently his BTF coaching qualification and IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition, Max truly has all the tools to help you train scientifically, and produce your best on race day. Greatest/Proudest Sporting Achievement: Completing my first Ironman in 11hrs 14m, 2 weeks after my son was born.  Challenging adventures at altitude: Learning to snowboard in the Rockies.  Favourite meal upon returning from altitude: Fajitas.
    • Roy McGregor

      Roy is a sports mad Aussie and has trained and competed at a high level in a number of sports, including basketball, boxing, water polo, swimming, adventure racing, triathlon and cycling. Until recently he was working as a chartered accountant in the city, but decided to turn his passion for an active, outdoors lifestyle into a career and left his job in a bank to qualify as a Gym Instructor & Personal Trainer. Roy is absolutely convinced of the benefits of altitude training for athletic performance and wellbeing, and never fails to emerge from the altitude chamber without a massive grin on his face. Greatest/Proudest Sporting Achievement: My first ever half Ironman in my home town, Busselton, Australia. I absolutely smashed the swim and bike, but then suffered badly with painful cramp in both legs through the entire 13.1 mile run. Not my fastest ever performance, but I will never forget how much I suffered to get to the finishing line! Challenging adventures at altitude:Completion of The Cent Cols Challenge which involved cycling more than 200km with 5,000m of vertical ascent daily for 10 consecutive days covering 100 Cols/ mountain passes in the French Alps. Favourite meal upon returning from altitude: My staple diet of coffee and carrot cake, and I really couldn't live without milk!

The Altitude Centre Ireland

  • Colin Griffin

    An international athlete and certified coach, Colin has led the set-up of The Altitude Centre Ireland. Colin initiated the idea for building the new Altitude House at the University of Limerick, the first and only such facility in the UK and Ireland, which was commissioned by the Altitude Centre. Colin has represented Ireland at all levels in his specialist event Race Walking and competed at the 2012 Olympic Games in the 50km walk and also in the 2008 Olympic Games. In 2010 he finished 11th at the European Championships despite a serious injury which threatened his participation right up to the final week.  As a graduate of the University of Limerick with a Degree in Public Administration specialising in Management, as well as a Diploma in Physical Fitness and Conditioning for Sport, coupled with his vast experience using altitude training in his athletics career; Colin combines his business skills and elite sporting background to manage the Altitude Centre in Ireland. Greatest/Proudest Sporting Achievement: Winning my first 50km race in 2007 to break the Irish record and qualify for the 2008 Olympic Games. Altitude training and sleeping in an altitude tent played a huge role in that performance. Challenging adventures at altitude:Training at altitude in Mexico and trying to avoid getting food poisoning! Favourite meal upon returning from altitude: A chicken Pesto Wrap at my favourite Italian in Limerick. My first port of call on way home from the airport!
  • Rachel Turner

    A recent postgraduate of the University of Birmingham, Rachel is passionate about the science behind enhancing sporting performance. After completing both a BSc and MPhil investigating novel methods for performance adaptation, she is currently focussed upon completing a PhD in Altitude Physiology. A keen advocate of simulated altitude training herself, she has utilised hypoxic training and sleep exposure to pre-acclimatise for her successful ascent of Killimanjaro and also prepare for the cycling TT season in 2010. Greatest/Proudest Sporting Achievement: A tossup between a silver medal in the Women’s 4 at the European University Championships (Banyoles- SPAIN) 2007 .. or... 6th in the Individual pursuit at the National Track Championship (Manchester velodrome) 2009... or... Team GOLD in the National RTTC over 10, 25 and 50 miles (UK) 2010. All special for different reasons! Challenging adventures at altitude: Killimanjaro and cycling - Lands’ End to John O’Groats Favourite meal upon returning from altitude: Steak and chips with lots of ketchup!