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Sleep Sessions

Hypoxic Sleep Sessions

Sleeping is important for recovery, it is the time when a lot of the body's repair work is done. Training in your sleep will improve your physiology and your performance, but it is important to maintain the balance between training and recovery, even in your sleep.

After a couple of nights you will get used to the low oxygen as your body starts to adapt, it will feel like sleeping in a normal environment. After a time of sleeping in the tent people remark that their sleep quality has improved. The equipment we use pumps in over 100 litres of air per minute, this ensures the environment is fresh, clean and totally safe. The tent is not sealed as we believe it is important to flush the hypoxic air through, rather than trapping it inside.

Benefits for Sport

As the “Gold Standard” in altitude acclimatisation we would recommend this modality for the serious athlete.

This method of training takes 3-4 weeks to achieve the benefits. Some people peak during the acclimatisation phase, others peak 2-3 weeks later. We work with athletes to recommend the ideal training programme to take into account your current training, races and your main goal.

  • Take your training to new heights.


Benefits for Mountaineering

As a mountaineer or serious trekker you will be used to sleeping in tents. We would recommend this modality for people who have a very tight acclimatisation plan on the mountain or for those who are going to extreme altitudes.

We recommend you start this training at least 3-4 weeks before you head to the mountain.

Benefits for Health

We usually recommend passive IHE or exercise sessions for health. Some of our clients who have slept in an altitude tent remark that their skin tone improved and that they lost weight. The tent modality is the "Gold Standard" in altitude acclimatisation, but your lifestyle does have to accommodate it. Some of our clients have converted their entire bedrooms to make sleeping at altitude a seamless experience.