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Mountaineering Consultation

Session duration: 60 minutes
Price: £129 img

Consultation with one of our experts will help determine your body's sensitivity to low oxygen environments. In your appointment we will talk to you about altitude, explain the risks and give you important tips and advice on how best to cope. We then perform a health review that includes monitoring you whilst passively breathing altitude air up to 5000m. This will give you a good idea as to how sensitive you are. We send detailed consultation notes following the appointment..


Power Profiling Consultation

Session duration: 75 minute session
Price: £129img

Consultation with one of our Performance Specialists will help determine your 'Power Profile' on the bike. This allows you to understand your optimal training zones, maximise training and optimise performance.

In your appointment we will take you through a range of Power tests (FTP, 3-min max power, MMP, 30-s Repeated Wingates, and 5-s max power) to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses on the bike, and track your progress over time. We send detailed consultation notes following the appointment, explaining your Functional Threshold Power (FTP), anaerobic capacity, fatigue index and heart rate recovery.


Muscle Oxygen Consultation (For Cyclists)

Session duration: 60 minute session
Price: £129img

A one hour consultation to determine your performance limiter on the bike. Using muscle oxygen monitoring, we can identify whether you are limited by oxygen supply to the muscle, or oxygen utilisation at the muscle.

The consultation is 1-2-1 with a Performance Specialist, includes an in depth PDF report detailing your results, suggested training protocols based on your physiological limiter, a follow up discussion about your results and what they mean for you. Your current FTP is required for testing, but an altitude FTP can be completed ahead of time if preferred (additional £29).


Exercise Consultation

Session duration: 90 minutes
Price: £129img

Assessment of your exercise performance at altitude. Useful as a benchmark for future comparison and to set the optimal training zones when altitude training.

During your consultation we’ll take you through a number of basic health checks including, blood pressure, lung function and breathing reflex before moving onto two ramp tests, one at sea level, the other at approx. 2,700m. The consultation will take place on either a bike or treadmill and provides clients with an estimated VO2 Max (96.3% accuracy) based on heart rate variability and a comparison of performance at the two altitudes.


Health and Wellbeing Consultation

Session duration: 60 minutes
Price: £129img

A health and wellbeing assessment with one of our experts will help to determine how to derive greatest benefits for you from your altitude training, tailored towards your.

Altitude training is a form of adaptive medicine, which by improving your oxygen efficiency, is scientifically proven to assist with a variety of conditions as well as helping you to lose weight, improve general wellbeing and skin rejuvenation.

The consultation includes evidence-based, tailored recommendations for your altitude training from our experts. We’ll also assess your body composition, current fitness level and take you through a number of health checks & measures culminating in a full results report and recommendations to improve your health and wellbeing, and track your progress moving forwards. We'll also provide you with your goal-based nutritional requirements to help you reach your goals.


Nutritional Consultation

Session duration: 30 minutes
Price: £50img

An initial nutrition consultation allows you to meet with our registered dietitian & sports nutritionist to discuss any issues you may be having with your diet, or any goals that you are looking to achieve in which your nutrition strategy could be the difference.

Nutrition has a huge impact on health & sporting performance, with requirements varying between each of us for a range of factors. Our dietitian & sport nutritionist can help you to tailor your diet with practical advice on aspects such as quantity, timing and the type of foods you should be taking on board.

Following a 30-minute initial consultation where you will be provided with some first-line recommendations & support, you may feel that further input such as meal plans tailored to your nutritional requirements, food diary analysis or diet plans to help you achieve weight-loss may be beneficial. In which case, there is a range of add-ons for you to choose from that can help you to achieve your goals.

The purpose of the initial assessment is to offer access to our nutrition specialist at a highly competitive price, allowing you to understand what support may benefit you before paying for services that may not be relevant to your goals.

Additional add-ons include:

Follow-up review (30-mins): £50
Tailored meal plans (3-day plan to macro requirements): £70
Food diary analysis: £50
Body composition analysis (7-site skin-fold): £35