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The Altitude POD

The Altitude POD

Pre-acclimatise for any adventure...

The Altitude POD is exclusive to Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports, 130 Deansgate, Manchester. Remotely controlled from our Trump Street HQ in London, you can experience simulated altitudes of up to 6,500m during a course of IHE sessions. IHE Courses are also available at our Trump Street HQ, London.

Mark Brigham, Marketing Director for Ellis Brigham says

‘The POD is a fantastic addition to the store and will give customers the opportunity to improve their preparation for their next challenge’.

Mark used the Altitude Centre to train for Mont Blanc & Kilimanjaro and believes it helped ensure his fitness levels were up to the challenge.

The Altitude POD allows you to pre-acclimatise for an adventure such as Kilimanjaro or Machu Picchu.

In addition to training for altitude the POD has been used by elite athletes to improve performance in the world of football, cycling, athletics and more.

Director and altitude expert Richard Pullan says:
“The body’s performance starts to deteriorate as altitude increases. One way to reduce that effect is to pre-acclimatise, using simulated altitude training. The POD can enhance performance, improve recovery and support general health, weight loss and wellbeing”


3 Sessions

Session duration 60 minutes
A prerequisite for exercising at The Altitude Centre.
Price: £10.00 (Includes an exercise class worth £29)induction

3 x IHE POD sessions This 3 session package entitles you to 3 POD sessions! Expiration Date: 28 days from first use.


Group Cycle Classes

Class duration - 30 minutes
Price: from £20img

This is a high intensity interval training class at simulated altitude of approx. 2,710m (15% oxygen). Participants should be mentally prepared for what is a short, but hard session. These short, intense workouts provide improved athletic capacity and condition, improved glucose metabolism, and improved fat burning.